Villa Aga invites you to an unforgettable holiday in the heart of the Giant Mountains

Villa Aga is distinguished by a homely, warm atmosphere. This place was created for those who
who are looking for silence, peace and escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. We do not accept
school trips or large organized groups, that is why a pleasant atmosphere
and the comfort of rest you can be calm. We are able to provide you with this
thanks to the favorable location of our facility, which is located in the center of Karpacz, but
not on a busy road. In the villa Aga instead of listening to street noise you will hear
the noise of a nearby creek, the sound of trees and the relaxing singing of birds that has accompanied it here since
the very creation of our facility. Villa Aga provides guests with a holiday garden.
where you can rest and relax at spring and summer holidays
the sounds of nature. We also thought about families with children, where the youngest also
they will find something for themselves - including swings, slide, play tent.
On request, in the garden, we also provide a barbecue.

We offer you comfortably furnished rooms with bathrooms, TV, WiFi. We have on offer
2-person rooms, 2-room family Studio 2 + 1 and 2-room family Studio 2 + 2
additionally with a mini annex on the equipment. Some of the rooms have a balcony.
The mentioned Studio 2 + 1 is a 2-room apartment, which consists of a 2-person part
(marital) and part 1-person. Option 2 + 1 is recommended and most often chosen by
three-person families. Our second Studio 2 + 2 is the so-called A one-bedroom apartment that consists of
from the matrimonial bedroom and the leisure and television part with a mini kitchenette.
Studio 2 + 1 and Studio 2 + 2 have balconies. Among the 2-person rooms you can choose
double rooms with a double (matrimonial) bed, as well as rooms with two separate,
single beds. Some of the 2-person rooms also have a balcony.

We offer you, with a choice, accommodation with breakfast or without. We serve breakfasts on
Swedish platter - guests receive a hot dish (each day something different)
and a cold platter (sausages + vegetables) and coffee in the coffee machine along with a sweet treat.
In addition, we provide 2 equipped kitchenettes that are available 24 hours a day
independent preparation of simple, warm meals.

provide our own, enclosed, lit and closed parking lot for the night.